Deputation – Christmas Break

If you had told us how much longer it takes to do things with a baby in the house, we might not have believed you. But now we know! These last several weeks have been very busy, though some days we look back and think, “what did we accomplish today?” Well, here are some of the things we’ve been doing:

  • Changing diapers. Doing laundry. Feeding a baby. Chloe is doing very well. She has been gaining weight and is starting to show more emotions and making new sounds. She’s not talking yet though.
  • Sorting through our belongings and packing them up to take to Brazil in a container. A couple of the ladies from our church have been over to help and Brandon’s family has been over a number of times to watch Chloe so that we can get this – and other – projects done. (We’re pretty sure they didn’t mind. Something about the first grandchild.)
  • Running around getting our documents together for our visa application. This has included two trips to West Jefferson (an hour and a half from Winston-Salem), two trips to the Sheriff’s office, and many, many emails with our field administrator.
  • Gathering documents for insurance, our wills, and similar items that the mission requires us to have in place before we leave.
  • Preparing for Christmas!

We are now just waiting on two documents, both from the Consulate in New York City. As soon as we have these documents we can apply for our visas. We’ve been waiting on these documents for a couple of weeks now. Please pray with us that they will be processed soon.

We’ve been communicating with people down in Brazil who are beginning to get things together for our arrival. We’ve been looking at cars and apartments, considering the many options. Please pray for wisdom as we consider these choices.

We’ve appreciated the Christmas greetings we have received from many of you. Merry Christmas from us! We trust you all will enjoy an intentional, Christ-honoring Christmas holiday.

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