Deputation – Week 131

This last weekend we had our final meeting of Deputation. But a few things to update you all on first.

We’ve spent the last couple weeks since our visas came preparing everything for our container. We will be shipping a 20′ container (think half of an 18-wheeler) to Brazil, full of household items we will need. So we’ve spent the last couple weeks ordering those things and packing them. We’ve packed 59 thick black totes full of clothes and household items. Emily has creatively been using diapers as packing material. This allows us to bring down all the diapers we will need (perhaps that is an overstatement), while also making sure everything is packed snugly.

Over these past couple weeks Chloe has been doing very well. She had a little bit of a cold a couple weeks ago, and accordingly was rather miserable. But since she has been feeling better she has been very talkative and interactive. It’s amazing to see how she is growing and developing. She seems to just be tickled pink to hear us talking, and is quick to chime in with her own baby noise.

We had one final meeting scheduled for this past Sunday. How we got this meeting scheduled is something of a story in itself. Last year we were visiting Brandon’s Aunt and Uncle on our way from North Carolina to Maine. That morning Brandon went out for a run, and as he was running he met this pastor. Brandon’s Uncle told him there was a chance he would see this pastor out running, so when Brandon met another runner on the road he asked if this gentleman was indeed “Pastor Hill.” As it turned out, it was. Brandon and Pastor Hill got to talking and Pastor Hill invited us to come and share our ministry with his church family.

We had a great time on Sunday in Carneys Point, NJ with Pastor Hill and Calvary Baptist Church. It is quite a good-sized church, one of the larger churches we have visited on Deputation. The people there were quite interactive and friendly, and very interested in our ministry. The meeting felt quite unique from our perspective, as we were telling them about the ministry we are beginning next week! Emily taught the ladies Sunday School class, while Brandon taught the men’s class. Both classes seemed to go quite well. We then shared about the ministry in Brazil during the evening service.

We stayed the weekend with Brandon’s Uncle Terry and Aunt Candace, who enjoyed seeing their little niece. Uncle Terry and Aunt Candace had a granddaughter born just a few weeks before Chloe, so they are getting their full of babies!

On the way home we were able to stop and visit with the Pastor of one of our partnering churches, Pastor Hicks. It was good to see him and his wife again, and introduce them to our daughter. We were also able to see another pastor friend and his family on our way back South.

We’re now in our final week in the US. We’ll be worshiping this evening with our Sending Church, Maranatha Baptist Church in North Carolina. We will be here this coming Sunday as well. Our plane leaves Greensboro, North Carolina, the city immediately to our East, at 7:30 PM next Tuesday. We will catch a connecting flight in Washington, D.C., which will then take us to Sao Paulo, Brazil. We’ll arrive at 10:30 local time, 7:30 Eastern Time.

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