Week 1 Wrap-up

Well, It’s Saturday night and we’ve been in Brazil for a few days now. We apologize for the radio silence over the past couple of days. We moved into a temporary house, and we only just got internet a few minutes ago.

Yesterday, Friday, we spent the morning with the Travers, doing some things around the house. Around noon Brandon went out and met Graham and Nathan Foran, a couple of the other missionaries in Cotia, a city right outside of Sao Paulo. Then yesterday afternoon we packed up our things and moved into a temporary house. A missionary family, Roberto Coelho and family, have a house between Sao Paulo and Cotia. They are home on furlough right now, and are graciously opening up their home to us while we look for a place to stay.

Last night we spent some time getting sort-of settled in and adjusted to Sao Paulo. Some other missionaries took us out shopping, and we got our cell phones connected. It’s been quite warm, especially considering we just came from winter. Today it was in the mid-80’s.

This afternoon Brandon went to his first Brazil futbol game – a home match for the SPFC. They won 4-0.

Chloe is doing pretty well. She seemed a bit fussy yesterday, but today was doing much better.

We are looking forward to tomorrow’s worship services, our first in Brazil. We’ll keep you all up to date on how those things go!

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