February 22 Weekend Update

We will have to come up with something more catchy for titles, but this seemed to work for now.

It has now been four days since we arrived in Brazil, and we have seen a lot.  The city is just as massive as we remember it and the traffic just as crazy!  Driving is a two-person job, especially with the motorcycles whizzing past on the white lines.  Some motorcyclists are courteous enough to let drivers know they are there by honking their horn repeatedly, but some appear to assume we can see them.  We thank the Lord for giving us safety on the roads!  (And Brandon did a really good job too.  Emily here – I’m allowed to brag on my husband! 😉  )

On Sunday morning we visited a church plant in this area of Sao Paulo.   The Swedburgs, who have given us a lot of help settling in, and the couple in whose house we are staying work at this church plant.  There we met and practiced our Portuguese with a number of folks and listened to two messages in Portuguese.  In the afternoon we drove to Moraes Prado, the area in which we will be working long-term, and spent the rest of the day with Pastor Hebe and his family and the church there.  We were very excited to see our Brazilian teammates again!!  There we were on our own with Portuguese.  Hebe and his wife Goretti were very good about speaking fairly slowly to us and explaining things when we couldn’t understand (hand motions included).  Their five-year-old daughter was also very good at helping us!  Brandon did very well and I did mais ou menos (so-so).  It was exciting to have meaningful conversations with them and some of the folks at church.  Our drive back today in rush-hour traffic took over an hour longer than our trip out to Moraes Prado!

This week we will be working on getting a car and finding apartment along with registering with the federal government and other various things that need to be done.  We are so thankful for your prayers and for Hebe and the missionaries who have been helping us get settled in the country.

As you think of us this week, please pray for:

  •  Us as we establish relationships with the Brazilians and other missionaries we meet.
  • Our language acquisition.  It was very helpful to be thrown into a sink-or-swim situation, but we have a LOT to learn and we know there will be times when it will be very frustrating.
  • Chloe.  She did pretty well on the flight here, but it seems like it is taking her a little while to get back to normal.  Between the heat (poor little  girl has only ever known winter!) and maybe being a little sick, she has been sleeping a lot – except at night.
  • The many errands that need to be accomplished.  As you can imagine, moving to another country is very involved!!

Thank you again so much for your prayers!

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