Week of March 1 Update

We seriously need to find a better title. Suggestions, anyone?

Anyway, this has been quite an eventful week! We spent all day Sunday in Moraes Prado with Pastor Hebe and his wife, Goretti. We had an excellent, enjoyable time with them. In the evening service Emily played the piano and Brandon preached through an interpreter.

We came home on Monday in time to prepare the house for a Bible Study one of the other missionaries was teaching and we were hosting. Tuesday we worked on translating some documents, then we went to dinner with a Brazilian family from the church in Cotia. That was a fun experience! The husband of the family spoke a little bit of English, but we spent the night working on our Portuguese with them. It was another stretching occasion, but a time of great fellowship. We didn’t even get home until almost 1:00 in the morning!

Wednesday was neat. The Lord worked out a number of different events so that we could go house hunting. Then He continued to work out events so that we found a house that we really like, that is in the kind of neighborhood we’d like to be in, well within our price range. Though we’re not committed to it yet, all of the events of the day seem to be clearly from the Lord’s provision.

Today was another busy day as Emily worked on paperwork, had an afternoon tea with some other ladies, Brandon went car shopping, and we tried desperately to stay cool. It was another hot day!

We are so very thankful for our friends and family in North Carolina. Today they worked to get our container packed and shipped off to us. We should be getting it in about a month!

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