Week of March 8 Update

What a week last week was! It seems like the week was both a whirlwind and a year long simultaneously.

The week began “normal” enough: bustling about getting various documents and such. Monday we were able to register with the Federal Police, obtaining an all-important identification number. We are now official. That afternoon we began the process of applying for a bank account; that’s right, applying. Getting a bank account in Brazil is actually quite a complicated process. In fact, I’m sitting here typing this out and we still have heard nothing from this process we began a week ago. Monday finished out with us taking a second look at the house we are interested in renting. We got a second opinion from another missionary who lives very close to that neighborhood, and he was very enthusiastic about the house. We began filling out paperwork that afternoon to rent the house.

By Wednesday we had everything in place to finalize the rental of the house. I spent most of the day with a Brazilian friend, driving about accomplishing different errands both he and I needed to accomplish, then he took me out to our new neighborhood and I finished signing the papers. We would need to return the following day to get the keys, but aside from that the house was ours! What an exciting thing!

That evening on our way to church the excitement really began. We were actually headed to another missionary’s house for dinner, after which we would head off to church. On our way, as we were preparing to change lanes on a major highway, a motorcycle rider ran into us. He was driving very fast between lanes – a common practice in Brazil – and though both Emily and I were looking for traffic, we didn’t see him until he was running into us. It was quite a scene. The biker (and his friend riding behind him) was okay, receiving only minor scratches (a miracle in itself). The car we were driving – borrowed from another missionary – was not. The biker had taken the mirror off the passenger door, followed by the front bumper and headlight. Fortunately¬†the missionary was carrying full coverage on the car. This experience is still unfolding, however, so we would appreciate your prayers concerning the details.

We were able to get out the next day (in another borrowed car) and get the keys to our new house. The Lord also provided a way through an American businessman for us to purchase our own car, which will be ready for us when we return from Conference next week.

Which all brings us to today. In a couple hours we will be headed out to the Baptist Mid Missions Brazil Family Conference, held this year in Foz do Iguacu. I suppose this is the epitome of the term “missions conference.” Our flight leaves at 3:30 this afternoon. We will be away all week at the Conference. Please pray that it will be a good time of fellowship and learning as we sit under the teaching of God’s Word and see some of God’s most astounding creation.

Thank you all for your prayers.