Week of March 15 Update

Last week was a pretty incredible week. We had the opportunity to attend the BMMB (Baptist Mid-Missions do Brasil) Family Conference. This gathering only takes place every 3-5 years. All of the missionaries from Brazil not on furlough gather together for a conference. This year we also had contingencies from the Argentina and Peru fields with us. We gathered at Foz do Iguaçu, one of South America’s most beautiful nature spots. It is at this point that Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay all meet. The waterfalls were simply amazing. But I guess we’ll get to that.

Monday we headed out to the Foz. For us that meant taking a taxi. We are currently vehicle-less, and we needed to get to the airport somehow. So, we took a taxi. This was not really a huge event, but it sorta felt like it at the time. We had never taken a taxi in the States, so having our first taxi experience be in a foreign land in a new language was a little bit intimidating. But we got through it without any real trouble. From there it was off to the Falls!

We arrived in hot (90⁰!) Foz do Iguaçu in the early evening, and got settled into our hotel room. Tuesday after the morning session we headed over to a bird park and saw some amazing birds. Then we saw the Falls from the Brazil side. This meant about a mile long hike on a trail facing the Falls. It was pretty incredible. As we walked further and further down the trail we saw more and more waterfalls. The sight was spectacular.

We spent all day Wednesday hiking on the Argentinian side of the falls, which allowed us to get right up next to the Falls in a number of places. It was a long day with a hot baby, but the sights and sounds were well worth it.

Thursday was a much more laid-back day. In fact, Chloe spent most of the afternoon in our room napping. We both did some visiting with a few of the missionaries in the afternoon, pretty much meeting up with them around the hotel.

All week our speaker was Dr. Kevin Bauder from Central Baptist Seminary in Minneapolis. He was speaking on the attributes of God. His messages were encouraging and convicting. It was a good week under the teaching of God’s Word.

There are too many pictures from the Falls to post here. However, below is a link to the photo album we shared on Facebook. You shouldn’t need an account on Facebook to view the pictures.

Chloe did pretty well over the week. Her congestion cleared up quite a bit while we were at the Falls. She handled the heat pretty well, for the most part. This week she did quite a bit of standing. She has had no interest in crawling or rolling over, but seems intent on sitting up and standing. It’s fascinating to watch the strides she is making in development.

Foz do Iguaçu Pictures

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