Home Sweet Home…Almost

Time for an update! The last week has been absolutely consumed with working through the logistics of receiving our container. God has been very good to us in this process, and things have actually moved quite swiftly.

Last Wednesday our container arrived. Actually, we can start two days earlier, because on Monday we got our “new” car. It’s a 2012 Honda Fit. It had really low mileage (or kilometer-age, as the case may be), for a pretty good deal. We’d been working through the purchasing process for a couple of weeks, and finally got it all settled. We picked it up on Monday.

Then on Wednesday our container arrived in Santos. We didn’t actually do anything on Wednesday about it. Rather, we met up with another missionary who lives near our new house, and he helped us work on setting up a bank account. We seem to be a little bit closer now to finalizing that process.

Then on Thursday began the madness. We drove down to Santos (an absolutely beautiful drive down about 2700 feet in the course of about 12 miles…amazing mountains!) and began the process. We were in Santos all day Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and part of today. We could bore you with the details, but it’s easier to just leave it at a “process.” After all that time, though, we have finally received the complete and full liberation of our container and it is scheduled for delivery on Friday morning…at 5:00 AM. We plan to spend Thursday night in our new home, sleeping on an air mattress provided by some friends here in SP.

One more word about the container. Yesterday, as we were working through the process, we learned that the container was reported to have been damaged significantly…words like “crushed” and “crumpled” were used to describe it’s condition when it arrived in Santos. We haven’t seen the container yet, and are not sure how significant the issues are, and to what extent they include the things inside the container. Be praying, if you would, over the next couple days as we find out what the damage was.

Sunday at Moraes Prado was another great Lord’s Day. A group came and presented their ministry at the church. The group is called the Shekinah House, and it is very similar to the ministry in Michigan many of you are familiar with, called Shepherd’s Ministry. It is a ministry serving those with special needs. The group sang several songs and told us about their ministry.

We continue to face challenging situations with the language, but things are beginning to feel a bit more comfortable as far as that goes. Brandon spent all day Monday with Pastor Hebe in Santos, speaking only Portuguese. We look forward to beginning language school on April 14th.

We are so thankful for all the assistance given to us by the missionaries here, as well as a number of the Brazilians. They have sacrificed their time for us, and we are very thankful.

Thanks again for all your prayers.

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