Class Struggle

We began language school this week! And how much there is we don’t know!

Last week was a pretty eventful week. There’s been a lot of progress in the moving-into-the-new-house front. Lots of unpacking, lots of cleaning, lots of fixing…and lots of purchasing and returning. We learned the word for “exchange” this last week…”trocar”. We exchanged the filter for our water faucets several times…but in the end, we finally have filtered water! Emily also got her stove installed and working. We’ve even gotten our wiring fixed! The wiring in the house was VERY old. In fact, we’re considering donating our old fuse box to a museum. They might like it. Two men from one of the churches near us volunteered their time last Wednesday to come over and rework our wiring. We’re very thankful to now have a more reliable electrical system in our house.

Last Tuesday we began our language classes. Our professor lives only a few kilometers from us, so we are able to drive to her house three times a week for class. The gatekeeper is having a grand time talking to us as he lets us in the apartment complex. Despite the title of this update, class hasn’t yet been too tough. We were just looking for something “catchy.” 🙂 Chloe came with us all this week, and behaved very well.

Speaking of Chloe, she’s been changing a lot over the past week or two. It seems like overnight she just began to develop so much personality! She’s become very attentive. She shows definite signs of recognition of her Mommy and Daddy. Though she will be very interested in other people’s faces (grabbing noses, sticking her fingers in their mouths, etc…normal baby stuff) when she sees Mommy and Daddy her face lights up. It’s very exciting to see her development, literally day by day. She has begun grabbing onto her toys and playing with them. She is also showing signs of her first tooth! She’s been gnawing a lot on everything she can get a hold of, but until today we hadn’t actually seen signs of her teeth.

Tonight one of the churches in the area had a chorale gathering, featuring the choirs of three other churches as well as their own. The choirs gathered, as well as any members from the four churches who wanted to come, and had a worship service together. I was asked earlier in the week if I would bring a devotional. I was glad to have the opportunity, though I spoke in Portuguese only through the translator. I am looking forward to being able to preach in Portuguese one day soon.

Thank you all for your continued prayers. Please be praying for our services tomorrow, as well as the events of this week. Monday the electricity project will be finished, Tuesday is a holiday, so there is a gathering of all the men from a dozen different churches in the area for a “reunion.” Then we have class Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Please be assured that you all are in our prayers as well.

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