This week we had the opportunity to take the jovens (kinda like the youth group and college-and-career groups all rolled into one) out to a soccer tournament hosted by a Baptist Church in another city about an hour and a half away. Our guys were so excited about this tournament! One of the guys asked me if he could add me to a “What’sApp Group” (basically like a group on Facebook Messenger…a whole bunch of people texting to each other in one forum). After he did so I was immediately bombarded by messages coming in so fast I could hardly keep up with the conversation! They were planning their uniforms, their shoes, their socks, transportation…everything! They were very, very excited about this. The soccer tournament was Thursday, and several of the guys spent the night at the church beforehand, anxiously awaiting the dawn. 🙂

The tournament didn’t go as well as we were hoping. I don’t understand how soccer tournament placements work, but somehow we managed to place third overall (out of 5 churches) even though we didn’t win a single game and one game ended with a 1-1 draw. But the guys all seemed to have a lot of fun playing. One of the seminary students and I alternated times in the goal. I have no confidence in my court skills, so I figured I could only do so much harm in the goal. Well, one match, after allowing 5 goals past me, I decided that the harm I can cause in the goal is a lot more than I imagined. I’ve got a lot of practicing to do!

Chloe was our team’s mascot for the tournament. She was as cute as a button, and everyone loved her to pieces. It was a tough, long day for her though, and she ended up sleeping most of the day yesterday.

I have been talking to the guys about starting a soccer outreach, however, and this activity may be providing just the catalyst we were needing to see that initiative get going. Please be praying for us along this route.

Next week is our EBF (VBS), so this past week has seen a hub-bub of activity preparing for it. A couple of the guys at church put in a couple of all-nighters and have done a superb job decorating the whole church. Everyone is geared up and ready for EBF.

Last Sunday night I had the opportunity to preach at a sister church in the area. The church was having a family-emphasis month, and I was able to preach from Deut. 6:20-25 and the principle of faith dominating the life of the family. I did preach through a translator.

Please be praying for us for this upcoming week. I just found out that I’ll be sharing a devotional tonight at the joven’s gathering, and we have a very busy week with EBF coming up. Please be praying for us for wisdom as we navigate circumstances here, both during EFB and outside EBF this week.

On the family front Chloe now has four teeth! She broke two teeth through on top sometime on Wednesday or Wednesday night. Emily discovered them at the tournament on Thursday. Chloe seems to be demonstrating a lot of the common teething symptoms, including lots of drooling, being very tired, and definitely being in a bit of pain. Pray for her as well, if you would.

We continue to keep you all in our prayers, and are thankful for each one of you!

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