We’re So Glad To Be Here At Vacation Bible School!

I know we’re a week late again with our update, but it’s for a really good reason this time! The day of our last update we were making a lot of last minute preparations for EBF (Portuguese for VBS). Sunday night, the 12th, we had some exciting visitors arrive. One of our fellow missionaries here in Sao Paulo had a mission team from Virginia coming into town to help with EBF at his church. Since they were here in the area a number of the team members stayed with folks from our church starting on Sunday night, and the team also helped us with our EBF all week! What a help they were!

Monday the 13th we had a meeting with all the EBF workers. Everyone was excited and ready to go. One of our young people directed EBF, and he did a great job.

Tuesday through Sunday was EBF, every afternoon from 2 to 5(ish). Brandon worked with the point tallying as well as every day teaching a page of the Wordless Book. Emily worked mainly helping make t-shirts and caps for the children. She also gave her testimony to the Mother’s Class and filled in wherever else she was needed.

Over the course of the week we had over 300 children total. Our largest single-day attendance was Friday, when we had about 230. We also had a class for mothers, with about 20 mothers in all. We had one child make a profession of faith that we recorded. As I type this Emily is going through all the sign up forms and developing a follow-up plan.

This week we have spent getting back into language class and catching up on a LOT of things that didn’t get done last week.

We would really appreciate your prayers for our ministry here this weekend. This Sunday is my (Brandon) Sunday to preach, and we will be examining Philippians 2. The theme there is unity in the body through humility, and it is coming at a very needed time in our church life here.

Thank you all, as always, for your prayers. We appreciate your fellowship with us in this way.

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