The Rhythm of Life

Well, this past week has been an adjustment to the new normal, so to speak. As many of you know, ministry here has changed for us over the past few weeks, which has meant much more time spent studying…both in message preparation and for language school. We just started a new section in Language School, which has meant more homework and new projects. The projects have definitely been enjoyable. It’s not busy work!

Monday night we were able to have dinner with another missionary family here in São Paulo. Tuesday night we spent with a couple from the church. Of course we had prayer meeting on Wednesday night. Thursday night I started meeting with one of the young guys in the church who is about to have a number of preaching opportunities at church this month. He’s in seminary, but hasn’t had any expository or hermeneutics classes, so I’m beginning to work with him on this. We’ll be meeting weekly. Then last night I started a prayer meeting with the leadership of the church. We will also be meeting weekly to pray for God’s Hand in our church ministries.

It’s certainly an exciting time for our church here, and a busy time. Please pray for us that we accomplish the things we need to accomplish on a regular basis and that God is glorified in these new aspects of our ministry.

Most of our pictures this week were of Chloe. Somehow that just happens. Enjoy!

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