Happy Father’s Day

That’s right, you read correctly! Tomorrow is Father’s Day in Brazil. Though Mother’s Day is celebrated on the same day here as in the US, Father’s Day is celebrated this weekend. To celebrate Father’s Day the young people in the church held a special “tea” for Fathers. Lest our masculinity be excessively besieged, there was actually no tea in sight. Plenty of snacks and desserts, with coffee and soda, but no tea.

This past week Emily was able to go out a couple of times with one of the young ladies from church and visit children who attended VBS. Our children’s club begins next weekend, so we are working to see some of those kids start attending the club on a regular basis. Emily thought the response to the visits went well. In fact, one of the little boys was wearing his VBS shirt the day the girls called on his home!

As you all are praying for our ministry here, please be praying for the political atmosphere. I know things are rough stateside right now, but things have not been peaceful here in Brazil. In our Language School one of our weekly projects is to read a news article and be able to talk about it and explain it in class. This week saw a lot of unrest politically, and the article I read reflected that unrest. Right now the President has a popularity rating of 7%. Yes, that’s right. 7. As in, the number after 6. Pretty low. Financially, the markets have been suffering. The Brazilian currency has been dropping in value quite significantly over the past week or two. These kinds of concerns have a long-reaching impact into the culture at large. So please be praying for peace for the people here, despite a very turbulent time politically.

Chloe is moving around more and more. She’s managed to figure out scooting, though she’s not exactly crawling. She’s about as close to it as you can get without actually crawling. She has managed to pull herself up to standing (thankfully from the safety of her bed), and she’s constantly trying that trick on the hard floors and furniture of the house. You may want to pray for her safety as well. One of these days…

Well, that’s all for now, folks. Enjoy the privilege of gathering together this weekend to look at Christ.

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