Kids These Days

We’ve had some adventures over the past couple of weeks! Two Mondays ago Chloe had to get some vaccinations…actually, she was supposed to get them a while ago…perhaps a couple months ago…but we finally found out how to do the vaccinations and Chloe was healthy on a Monday we had free. So, off we went to the hospital where she was able to get the shots. She was a real trooper! She cried when they gave her the shots but seemed to get over it pretty quickly and was fine before we even left the room.

Later that afternoon we were able to do lunch with one of our missionary friends who is on furlough from his furlough. We’ve subsequently met with him and his wife every Monday for lunch since then. They’ve been a huge encouragement to us since we got here, and especially over the past couple months.

I’ve taken Chloe out running a couple times now over the past couple weeks. She’s done pretty well with the run. In fact, the last time we went out she fell asleep! Pretty much par for the course for her. She seems to always be lulled to sleep by motion.

Two Saturdays ago the ladies from our church went to a gathering of ladies from the Baptist ladies fellowship here in South São Paulo. During this fellowship our ladies sang a song of special music, and Emily played the piano for them.

While Emily and Chloe were away at the fellowship Brandon took the youth group to an anniversary celebration of one of the other youth groups her in São Paulo. The jovens seemed to have a good time, not only at the gathering but on the trip there and back as well. While not an official experiment, we did have an interesting time discovering how many people could fit in a hatch-back car. Let’s just say we were surprised. 🙂

We’ve been doing quite a bit more with the jovens over the past few weeks. Saturday, two days ago, after our youth group service we went out to a local pastelaria where we enjoyed pasteis, which are basically fried hot pockets with anything you can imagine inside.

In general our relationship with the jovens has been growing and we’re seeing some encouraging results. In Sunday School we’ve been working through material on our relationship with God, and how we can be strengthening that relationship on a day-in-day-out basis. It’s been an encouraging study with them.

Last night the jovens had a surprise birthday party for Brandon, complete with cake, soda, and lots of artwork. It was a good time with them.

Last Sunday – not yesterday, but a week ago – we were able to lead the church in our first Lord’s Supper in Portuguese. That was an exciting experience.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us and our ministry here. Please be praying for us this coming week with our ministries here, and be praying for wisdom in decisions we need to be making this week. Thanks!

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