Order and Progress

The last few weeks have continued to fly by. A couple of Sundays ago we had the opportunity to Skype into the Sunday Evening service of one of our Partner Churches there in the States. By way of an aside, if this is something your church would be interested in doing, please let me know. I love leveraging technology to support the ministry, and this would be an ideal way to do so. Anyway, though there were a few hiccups along the way it was good to spend some time with this Partner Church.

Language School continues to go well. We’re reading and writing more in Portugues these days, and in class we are spending a lot of time working through some of the more challenging verb conjugations…although, as I think about it, it seems as though that’s been the story all along. Anyway, it’s certainly encouraging to see that work pay off in daily conversations.

Welcome to Football Season! I have found out that where there is a will, there is a way. Friday afternoon I (Brandon) got together with another missionary and we watched the kickoff game at his house. He had recorded it the night before (night games start very late here) and we avoided looking at the news all day so we could watch the game together. It was a good time of fellowship and it was good to have football again.

Last Monday, which was Memorial Day in the States, Brazil was celebrating Independence Day. We had the  jovens come over to our house for a day of games and good food. It was a great day of fellowship with them. Thank you, First Baptist Los Gatos, for the plates! Because of you we had enough place settings for everyone!

I just signed up for my next race! I’ll be running a 10K with a young guy from the church in mid-November. Getting excited about that.

Chloe continues to grow. She’s still working on trying to break her 6th tooth through, but she is getting around better and better by the day. She has just started kissing, which is cute in all it’s open-mouth-slobberyness. She turned 10 months old last week!

Please be praying for our ministry with the church here in Moraes Prado over the next couple of weeks.

We’re suffering through the last couple days of winter here in Sao Paulo. Tuesday the temperature is going to start rising, and Wednesday on through the end of the 10-day forecast is all supposed to be upper 80s and lower 90s. This is very good news.

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