So Good Sorocaba Way

The last couple weeks have been quite full of adventures for our family. A week and a half ago we had our final week of ministry with the church in Moraes Prado. Brandon preached his final message in the short series on a healthy church in the morning, and the church had a good-bye potluck lunch after the service. We love and appreciate all the folks there, and will miss them much.

Please be praying for the church there in Moraes in two different ways. First, they are still looking for a pastor. Please pray with us that the Lord would lead the under shepherd He has prepared for this church to the church’s attention.

Please also be praying for the neighborhood. We may have previously mentioned, but there is a favela across the street from the church. This favela is land owned by a certain person, but thousands of people have built homes on that land and built a neighborhood – a favela – on that land. Well, the owner recently returned and is now, through the help of the police, forcing all these people to leave his land. This has created a lot of tension in the area, obviously. This is all happening literally right in front of the church. Please be praying for the safety of the church and the folks from our church during this volatile time. Also be praying for all these people as they are, many of them, without alternatives in this time.

A couple weeks ago we attended the 15th birthday celebration of one of the girls in our church in Moraes. We learned that here in Brazil the 15th birthday is a pretty big deal for a girl. It was a very large, very formal event full of unique traditions. It was a good experience. That weekend we also celebrated the 78th birthday of one of the older ladies in our church. Emily baked her a cake in a very Brazilian style.

That week Chloe had a doctor’s checkup. We were given some pointers on diet for her to make sure she’s full at the end of meals.

Last week we had the opportunity to participate in a special week of services at another nearby church. Our language professor is a member of another local Baptist church, and her pastor asked if I would come and lead the devotional time for their church’s prayer emphasis week. It was a neat opportunity to be able to participate in this way with the church. We worked through The Lord’s Prayer, taking a different part of the prayer each night.

Then this last weekend we drove to the city of Sorocaba to visit another missionary family and their new church plant. We will be doing a lot of this kind of traveling over the next couple months, and appreciate your prayers for us during this stage of our ministry. This church plant is a joint effort between this missionary family, the Jewells, and a national pastor. The national pastor has worked diligently for several years to plant this church, and it is clear everyone in the church loves him. He began mainly through a children’s program, so better than half of the church is young people. It was neat to see and hear how God has been working in that church plant.

We had a rainstorm come through while we were there in Sorocaba, and the Lord left a beautiful rainbow for us to see on Saturday night. It was a real encouragement to see the rainbow and be reminded of God’s faithfulness all the way here in Brazil.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. We do appreciate them.

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