Birthdays and More

Where has the time gone?! We have quite a bit of travels to catch you all up on.

Several weeks ago, the week after we visited with the Jewells in Sorocaba we had the opportunity to spend the weekend with another missionary family, the Broyles, in the city of Jundiaí. The Broyles are just beginning to start a new church plant in a city about an hour away. We were able to be involved in some canvassing in the neighborhood with the church folks there. It was a blessing to learn some helpful tools in church planting from this experienced couple. This weekend happened to be a holiday weekend in Brazil, so we enjoyed a churrascaria with the church family in Jundiaí, and Chloe got to play in a ball pit.

The following week we returned to Sorocaba to visit another missionary family and another church plant. This time we were with Ben Jacobs and Victory Baptist Church. This is another young church, being planted in an area of town that is seeing quite a bit of growth.

The following week was pretty neat for us. Moraes Prado, where we had spent the first 6 months of our time here, was celebrating their 8th anniversary. The church was having a special speaker for this special week of meetings. The speaker was a Pastor from Brasilia, and we had the privilege of hosting him in our home during his week here. We took him sightseeing around São Paulo during the day, and enjoyed sitting under his preaching during the evenings. He is a missionary at heart, and spent years on the mission field up North. So his conference for the church was particularly geared toward kindling a missionary spirit within the church. It was a blessing and encouragement.

The following week Emily and Chloe went on a weekend retreat with all the ladies from the church in Moraes. Brandon spent the weekend at home, missing the girls. Emily and Chloe had a great time, though, with women from all over the Greater São Paulo area.

Last week we spend the Sunday with Dave Santos in his church plant right here in Southern São Paulo. We gave our testimonies in the morning service, and Brandon preached for the evening service. It was a good day of fellowship with them, and great to finally meet the folks from Dave’s church. Dave and his wife Jan have been a huge encouragement to us over the past few months, taking time almost every week to have a meal and pray with us.

Last week Chloe celebrated her first year. Hard to believe she’s getting that old. Emily made her a cake, with her first taste of sugar. Sadly, she wasn’t very impressed. It was a fun day with her, nonetheless.

Thanks for all your prayers for us. We certainly are encouraged knowing you all care.

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