It’s beginning to look a lot like…


Well, here we are, preparing for our first Christmas season in Brazil. Though the last few weeks have not been hot, it has certainly been a good deal warmer than the Christmas season we are accustomed to in Upstate New York. With days in the 70’s and nights in the 60’s, and rain just about every day, it has been a very pleasant Spring season. Temperatures are projected to rise into the 80’s over the next week or so, as we get closer to Christmas. It seems quite strange to be decorating a Christmas tree and listening to Christmas music without snow, let alone enjoying the warmer temperatures.

The last few weeks have been quite busy for us, though frankly that seems to be life these days. A few weeks ago we visited the church of another missionary couple who live nearby and have been a huge help as we have been adjusting to the area. The missionary, Dave, gave Brandon the opportunity to preach in the evening service, and we both shared our testimonies during the morning service. Since then we have been regularly attending the midweek services at this church.

The following weekend Brandon had his second race here in Brazil. It was also Chloe’s first race. It was a very warm night for a race, with temperatures in the lower 80’s. The race went well, with some 15,000 participants.

The following week we attended a conference in another city. The theme of the conference was The Kingdom and the Church. The conference was well-attended by pastors and their wives from all over Brazil. We met several from the furthest northern reaches of the country, as well as quite a few from further south. The messages were all very good, and we were greatly challenged by them.

Two weeks ago Emily’s parents came down for a short trip. We spent Thanksgiving with them and were able to show them all over São Paulo. While they were here Brandon had the opportunity to preach at another church nearby during both the morning and evening services. It was actually the church where our language professor is a member, and she was tickled pink to be able to have us in “her” church. The rest of the time with Emily’s parents seemed to go so very fast, but we were thankful for every minute of their visit…even the minutes spent in traffic.

We will be returning to this church this weekend as Brandon is speaking to the youth group on Saturday night. Please be praying for this event. Also, please be praying for Emily, as she is preparing to speak at a ladies’ Christmas Tea at a church in another city next weekend.

Thank you all for your prayers for us. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s direction and guidance in our ministry here. And let us know when your church is planning a missions trip to São Paulo!

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