The Colors of Autumn

Welcome to Autumn! That’s right, here in the Southern Hemisphere we have entered the Autumn season. This is now our second Autumn in Brazil. Though it is a new season, we have not noticed much of a change in the weather. Though the temperatures will drop a little bit by the time Winter arrives, for us Autumn basically means we will stop getting as much rain. This is the dry season.

This Autumn, though, the colors are green and yellow. If you’ve been following the international news you may have read that Brazil is in a time of political crisis. There have been many demonstrations on the streets of São Paulo over the past couple weeks, protesting against the current government. There has been a large corruption investigation over the past couple years. This investigation has now entered its 25th (!) stage and is investigating corruption connections close to the President. This has caused a lot of unrest among the people here. Please be praying for God’s will amid the unrest here. If you are interested in reading more, this is a helpful article to get you up to date:

We continue to do quite a bit of travelling, visiting different missionaries here in Brazil. The weekend of the 14th we were in a city called São José do Rio Preto visiting a mission work. It was a neat experience because we were able to watch a group of churches in that region form a local church fellowship. It was very interesting to watch them work through the process of a constitution and doctrinal statement, as well as come to an agreement on their identity. We were thankful for the opportunity to sit in and learn about that process. We forgot entirely to take pictures while we were out there, though. I’m not sure what we were thinking, but we dropped the ball on that trip!

We fly out this afternoon to visit a couple ministries in the North part of Brazil. Please keep us in prayer as we visit these churches and a seminary there. We’ll keep you all informed during this trip, and try to do better about pictures. 🙂

This is the most glorious week in the Christian calendar. Don’t let it slip by. Take time this week to look to the aweful, glorious cross where our sins were nailed, and the empty tomb, the symbol of the hope of our resurrection. This week is the reason why we are here!