Getting on Down the Highway

Well, hello everyone! We’ve got some news to share! We’re finished with Language School! It’s a reality we are still adjusting to, but an exciting reality nonetheless. We’ve spent the last couple weeks packing up our belongings and preparing for a move. We’ve been living in the south region of the city of São Paulo, near our language professor. A couple of months ago another missionary family here in São Paulo asked us if we would spend the rest of the year working with them in a church on the West Side of São Paulo. So, now that we are done with langauge school, we will be heading out there to spend the rest of the year at the Baptist Church of the Bible in Carapiquiba. We’ve spent some time over the past few weeks getting to know the national pastor of the church, Arthur, and his wife Heloisa. We are looking forward to spending a lot of time with them through the rest of this year. Pastor Arthur has already given Brandon opportunities to preach, and we’re looking forward to beginning visitation with the church. We are really looking forward to the rest of this year.

Last week Chloe’s babysitter got married! She had asked Emily to make brownies for the wedding, which Emily was glad to do. So last Friday and Saturday, with half of our belongings in totes, she made 200 brownies and individually wrapped them all! Brandon was playing “mommy” those two days, trying to keep Chloe entertained and away from the brownies. It was mostly successful, except for those few seconds when Chloe got into the kitchen and decided Mommy’s phone would make a good addition to the brownie mix! Turns out it doesn’t add that much to the brownies after all.

Also last week Emily gave her final piano lessons to her students here in Southern São Paulo. It has been a good opportunity for her, as she has learned a more technical aspect of the Portuguese language.

Last Autumn we had the opportunity to be invovled in organizing a couple’s retreat with a few other churches here in Southern São Paulo.  A few weeks ago we held our second couple’s retreat with these churches. Though the numbers were down from our first retreat, the couples who came all said that it was a profitable time for them. We enjoyed being able to be a part of the retreat.

We’ll be moving this Saturday. Please be praying for safety. We’ve asked a number of friends to help us move, so hopefully many hands will make light work. We are expecting rain…naturally. It literally hasn’t rained in over a month, maybe two months, and they’re calling for rain on Saturday. So please be praying for relatively dry weather.

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