Another Trip!

Isn’t it interesting the thing that comfort us, or the things we miss? The last couple of nights here in São Paulo have been pretty chilly, and we’ve had the heater on in our room to keep…Chloe…warm. As we were drifting off to sleep, it occurred to me (Brandon) that, though I don’t miss the winter nights of New York, nor the snow, I miss the sound of the plows on the roads. Strange, huh?

Emily and I are continuing our teaching and preaching ministries at our church here in Carapicuíba, and we’ve had a lot of visitors over the past few weeks. It has been exciting to see new faces and see the Gospel at work. In the case of one couple who recently began attending, the guy recently made a profession of faith, and he and his wife – girlfriend/fiancé – are beginning to work on legalising their marriage (a very common situation here in Brazil is couples living together even though they are not married, either because of the cost of marriage certificates, complications in previous relationships, laziness, or lack of commitment).

Another young guy who just began attending was attending a Pentecostal church with his family. He began to read his Bible, and realized that a lot of the things which happened in his church were not Biblical. He also began to read some church history, and started learning about a group of Christians called the “Baptists.” They seemed like an interesting group, so he tried to find one of their churches. He ended up in our church, the closest Baptist church to his home. He told us after only a couple services that he had found what he was looking for.

It is encouraging see and hear stories like these, and see the Gospel working on a weekly basis.

We celebrated our second Independence Day from Brazil a couple weeks ago. I think this year we appreciated our nation, as well as all the hubbub surrounding the celebration of our nation, a little bit more. We had a get-together with some of the other missionaries in our area, and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. We also lit off fireworks (which are not illegal here in Brazil).

May 31st we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. We are so very thankful for the marriage we have, as well as where the Lord has brought us through the years.

Last week we had the priviledge of hosting Emily’s brother and his wife for a week. They are members of our sending church in North Carolina. We had a very good time with them, showing them around the city and introducing them to our ministry here. They flew home yesterday, and we miss them already!

Late last week our friends and colleagues, the Swedbergs, returned to Brazil from furlough. They’ve been gone for 3 months, and we are very glad to have them back with us.

Tomorrow we will be flying up to Belém, in northern Brazil, where we will meet up with Pastor Rubens, the Brazilian pastor we stayed with in Brasília. He is preparing to take leadership of the seminary in Belém, and we are considering the possibility of joining him. Please pray for us as we travel, and as we consider this opportunity.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for us. We value your partnership with us.

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