Catching up

Good afternoon, everyone. We wanted to catch you all up on what we have been up to here in São Paulo over the past few weeks. As you all know from our announcement a few weeks ago, we are planning to move to Belém in just a few months. We have begun making a few preparations for this transition. Pastor Rubens has been messaging with us regularly as we prepare for our responsibilities. We finalized the course offerings for the first three semesters just a few days ago. The final schedule has me (Brandon) teaching Pentateuch on Tuesdays and Fridays. This will be the only class I will teach during the first semester. Hermeneutics will be offered the second semester, and Systematic Theology I (Bibliology) offered the third semester. I have begun preparing my syllabus and class notes for Pentateuch. It is an exciting and intimidating task.

We also continue to enjoy our responsibilities here at the church. I am preaching a series through the book of Philippians, which I have been greatly enjoying. We have arrived this week at Philippians 2:17-18. Having preached expositionally up to this favorite passage of mine has added a rich depth to it.

I have also been involved in discipling a guy from the church together with another missionary. That has been a very productive time, and we are encouraged to see his growth.

Emily and I have been given the responsibility of the Youth Group for the time being, and have begun a study on holiness with them.

Emily is giving piano lessons to one of the girls in the church. She has also been working with a ministry to the young girls in the church. While the pastor’s wife is out with their newborn, Emily has assumed some of the organizational responsiblities of the church, as well as teaching a children’s Sunday School class. The month of August was very busy for her.

A couple weeks ago Emily’s parents came down for a week-long visit. My father-in-law is the pastor of one of our partner churches there in upstate NY, but as you can imagine, the real motivation of the trip was to come and see the granddaughter.

Please be praying for us over the next couple weeks. We are getting ready to have a missions conference. We will begin the missions conference next Thursday, and it will go through Sunday night. It is a round-Robin style (rodízio, in Portuguese) missions conference with four other churches in this area. We will be hosting one of the missionaries in our home during the conference.

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