Blessed Christmas

This morning as I consider the glorious holiday we celebrate today, my mind goes to one of my favorite passages describing the incarnation:


When Christ came to earth, He “emptied Himself” or “made himself of no reputation.” He didn’t bring with Him the glories of Heaven…even a few! Instead, He came as a baby. Chloe’s vocabulary is growing, and a couple minutes ago she pointed to our tree, which has an ornament with a drawing of Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus. “Nenê! (baby)” she said. “Yes, dear, that’s the baby Jesus.” He came with nothing extra – only Himself.

This Christmas our house is in boxes as we prepare to move in a little over a week. And I am reminded of the humility Christ showed in coming with nothing. He whose home is in heaven, came to earth with nothing. Truly, “God so loved the world.”

We wish you all a very blessed Christmas and a happy New Year.