Good morning! We wanted to begin this post by thanking you all for how you pray for us and encourage us. Many of you have specifically done things to encourage us these past few weeks, and we are thankful.

We arrived here in Belém about four weeks ago! How the time has flown! We have been doing a lot of learning and a lot of adapting. I’d like to share some of those lessons with you all.

Right now one of the big things we are learning is how the humidity affects every aspect of life. We certainly don’t notice the humidity in the air the way we did when we first arrived. In that sense adaptation went pretty quickly. But we have learned that mold grows VERY quickly  here. We are still living in a temporary studio apartment, and in just the course of a couple weeks we began noticing mold growing on some of our clothes and furnishings. Emily has been working very hard to clean up after it, and we are trying to be creative to avoid the mold build-up. There are a number of things available to help avoid mold. We are just learning how aggressive we need to be with monitoring and avoiding it.

Much of Brandon’s time the past few weeks has been spent preparing lecture notes for his Pentatuech class and doing homework for the seminary class he is currently enrolled in. Emily does much cleaning and house-maintenance. She has also been cleaning the house where our colleague, Rubens, will live. Being a mommy also takes quite a bit of time. Chloe is getting adjusted to life here in Belém as well. She had a cold when we arrived, but she has gotten better now. Her speech is developing quickly, it seems. She learned the word “dirty” this last week after she fell down outside, and it’s so cute! It ends up sounding like “duwty,” the way only a 2-year-old can say it. This morning she was trying to talk in sentences. She would say a word she knew, then baby-talk, then insert another word she knew, then a little more baby-talk, then another word she knew. It was really funny and cute to watch.

Please continue praying for the church we are beginning to work at, Boas Novas. Things are kinda tough there, and we want to be a help and encouragement to them.

This last week Brandon began running again. Emily wanted to start exercising as well, so she has been coming along and walking with Chloe while Brandon runs. It seems to be working well for our whole family.

This next week we have our “Family Conference” with our fellow missionaries here in Brazil. We will be travelling down to São Pualo early on Monday morning and spending the week down there. Please be in prayer for our speaker and for our missions family here in Brazil, both in terms of travel and in terms of encouragement from this conference.

We hope you all have a blessed, Christ-exalting weekend!