Church News

Many of our recent posts have been concerning developments in the Bible College. Much is also happening at Good News Baptist Church, however, and we wanted to update you all on those events.

First, a tour!

And here is part 2 (I know, I know. I numbered them wrong.):

The folks at church have been very patient with our heavy American accents.

Currently we have about 20 adults attending, 8 of whom are members. Sunday Mornings are dedicated to “Sunday School. We normally begin with an opening of songs, Scripture reading, and prayer for 20 minutes or so. Then we have a devotional time with everyone together. This period also lasts for 20-25 minutes. For the past couple of months we have been doing a study of the Gospel, in preparation for our evangelistic outreach. This study of the Gospel concluded yesterday. I was very excited at the results of this study. We had broken the Gospel up into four parts, represented by four words (TOTALLY not original with me!): God, Man, Christ, and Response. I asked for volunteers to join me up front and explain to me different parts of the Gospel. Two of our (three) men came up and explained “God” and “Man” with great clarity. Then one of the ladies of the church came up and gave a great explanation of “Christ.” It was exciting to hear the Gospel explained with such clarity. It’s more exciting to know we are going to begin putting all this into practice!

After our “Devotional” time we divide into classes for about an hour. My teammate Rubens teaches the youth and I teach adults. I have been going through the series I prepared on our Relationship with God. There are also a couple of kids classes, as you can see in the video.

Sunday Evening is the “main” service in Brazil, and Rubens does the preaching most of the time during that service. However, when he is out of town I have the opportunity to preach. Last night he was out of town, and I was scheduled to preach. We had a major rainstorm come through shortly before church, and when we got to church the water was almost as high as the sidewalk – which is very high. When Emily opened the door to try and get out the water level was so high it nearly came in the door. She quickly shut the door and we tried to figure out what we were going to do. We were on the side of the road, and when cars drove past I could feel the water pushing our car along a little bit. I was concerned about our engine flooding or something. So we moved across the street and waited till the water went down. The deacon arrived and came to the same conclusion. So there we sat for about 20 or 25 minutes. Finally the water went down enough that we could park. Emily took this picture of me as I got out of the car and waded to the church:

It was quite an excitement! After this, the service went quite uneventfully. We even had a couple of visitors!

Wednesday night we have our prayer meeting, which Rubens usually teaches. There are also several discipleships that we have been able to begin. Rubens is preparing to begin a Saturday afternoon youth outreach, and I am planning to begin our evangelism outreach this Saturday afternoon as well. In short, we’re busy! The church has a lot of potential, and we are glad to see the enthusiasm and desire from the folks in the church.