Summer Break (2)

Lacking in creativity, I have stolen the title of our previous post. 🙂

Well, we have just two days left of class – today and tomorrow. Practically, vacation has already begun. Brandon’s students have all taken – and passed – their final exam, and almost all have submitted their term papers. And more importantly, Brandon has graded all the finals and have graded all the submitted term papers. Which means our vacation is about to begin as well! On Monday night the students celebrated the end of the semester and the birthday of one of our students with several kinds of cake, brownies, and lots of Coca-Cola!

This week we are praising God for His protection.  On Tuesday Brandon was working on licensing our car in our new state when someone hit our car on the road. The other driver was at fault and drove away without waiting to report the incident. The accident was not serious in terms of personal injury. Our car is a bit banged up now, but it is still operable. Our insurance plan has already approved the repairs, and we will be taking the car into the shop next week or the week after to get repaired.

Last Saturday we had another church-service-in-home. This service also doubled as a birthday celebration for our co-workers’ firstborn, who turned 21 last week. Brandon was asked to preach, and he preached a message from Ecclesiastes.

Next week is the Fourth of July! Did you know they have the Fourth of July in Brazil?! And the Fifth, and the Sixth, and the… Anyway. They do not celebrate Independence Day on the Fourth of July. We however, will be getting together with some other missionaries in another town to celebrate the American Independence Day. We are planning a good ol’ cookout with hamburgers, hot dogs, and potato chips! And fireworks! We are looking forward to spending a couple of days away relaxing.

We just found out that Brandon’s sister got engaged! We are hoping to come back to the States briefly in October for the wedding! The thought of cool autumn air is a strange and exciting thought!

Please continue to pray for us over the next few weeks. We have only a month off to prepare for our second-semester classes. Both Brandon and Emily will be teaching in the second semester, so we have lots of preparations to make! Thanks!