Good evening, everyone.

This week we began our Fall semester of classes! Things are going quite well so far. We have several new students so far, and all may not be said and done yet! We may get some more students this semester, but we are not sure.

The past few weeks we have been working on a couple of projects here at the Bible college. First, we are redoing the library. The old library floor was breaking in pieces and was in pretty bad shape. So we used another classroom last semester as the library, and over the past few weeks have been breaking out the old floor and begun laying new flooring. Below is a slideshow of our work so far, and you can follow this link to get a bigger view:!AtU3BfbSYA-ig4pvGl4_PwAKLNKXfA


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A few churches in the area have worked together to provide the funds for this project, and we are thankful to see their generosity.

We are about to begin working on a high-tech classroom. This classroom will serve two purposes: first, one of our visions is to bring training to pastors who live in the interior and are unable because of ministry commitments to come back to Bible college. This classroom will give us the capability of reaching them with the training they need. Second, this classroom will enable professors who are travelling (like ourselves, when we are on furlough) to continue teaching from other locations in the world. 

One of our new students this semester owns a computer store here in Belém, and he is helping us get a good deal on all the parts that we need for this classroom. His company will actually build the computer themselves. Some of you have asked us recently if there is anything you can help us with in terms of ministry. If you would like to help us with this project, we would like to get the classroom prepared within the next month and a half. The total cost of the classroom will be about $1500. This includes a computer, projector, screen, camera, microphone, and speakers, and cables necessary.

Please pray for three visitors and their families that we have had at church over the past few weeks. Max and his family, Jefferson and his family, and José António and his family all come from very different backgrounds, but have all found our church recently and we desire that they also find Christ. We believe José António is saved, but we are not sure yet. The others are probably not saved. Thanks for praying.

As always, we are thankful for each one of you and your prayers for us. Please know we are praying for you.