In the Interior

Happy Reformation Day! What an update we have today! We have spent the past couple weeks busy with our normal responsibilities in the church and Bible college. But this past weekend I was asked to speak at the 30th anniversary celebration of a church in the area. The name of the town we travelled to is ConcĂ´rdia, and it is the home town (and home church) of one of our students here at the Bible College.

We travelled down to ConcĂ´rdia on Saturday. It was a small challenge to keep an almost-three-year-old content through the whole trip, but we made it.

The anniversary celebration began with a service on Saturday night. The theme of the conference was “the blindness of the world to the Gospel” from 2 Cor. 4:4. My messages were focused on the power of the Gospel to create light where there is blindness, and the responsibility of the Church in carrying out this Gospel ministry. The church was full of people, including our co-workers, who planted the church thirty years ago. We had a good time of fellowship getting to know many of the people from the church.

On Sunday morning the church had their normal Sunday School hour, but there were a few special things about this weekend. First of all, our student, Geovane, normally helps lead a church plant in the “interior.” On Sunday, however, all the folks from that new church plant were in attendance at the mother church for the anniversary celebration. Geovane helped direct the Sunday School service. There were many special presentations from different classes; arrangements of songs, Bible verse presentations, and other special presentations. Brandon then preached his second message.

After the morning service we enjoyed a Brazilian barbecue at the church! It had been a while since we had eaten Brazilian barbecue, so it was a delightful experience!

Sunday afternoon was really neat. The church had a baptism service. But they did not have a baptismal tank. So they went down to a local river and did the baptism there. This is the video we took of the baptism.

It was really neat!

The Sunday evening service was the biggest service, and the culmination of the weekend celebration. There were many more special music numbers, followed by the final message. It was a really neat weekend, and a neat opportunity.