School in Session

Last week we returned to classes! Our second year here at SEBREN is officially underway! This semester we are offering courses in Systematic Theology I – The Study of God, Poetic Books, Music Theory, Greek I, Homiletics III, and Missions. I am teaching Poetic Books. Our student body is seeing consistent growth. This semester we are up to 16 students! They represent a number of churches both here in the city, and several in the “interior” of the state. We have a couple of students who eat dinner with us each night, and we enjoy having that added time of interaction with them.

Emily is our school librarian, and she is as happy as can be in our new library. Many of you have been praying for and contributing toward the remodel of our library, and we are finally moved in! Our new bookshelves arrived last Saturday, and quickly all of our books were transferred into the library. With a new floor, new ceiling, fresh paint on all the walls, and new bookshelves, it has come a long way since this time last year when we feared to even walk into the room. What exciting progress!

Last weekend I was asked to preach a local church’s anniversary conference. They were celebrating 47 years. I preached through a series of meditations on the Surprising Work of God from the book of Habakkuk. We enjoyed the fellowship. Several of our students are members of this church.

We have entered the rainy season. Ever since we have gotten back from Santarém, we have had rain every day; some times it has rained all day. But it has been a blessing, as our plants grow so well during this time of the year.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we teach this semester, and as we plan some exciting outreach opportunities with our church. We’ll let you know about them as the time gets closer.