Prospective Student Day

Yesterday was an exciting day for us here at the Bible College! We had our first Prospective Student Day! We had been planning this day for quite a while, and was great to see it come to fruition. We had been getting the word out to the churches in our state for several months. However, because of the huge worker’s strike that happened last week and this week, our numbers were greatly impacted. (For those of you who have been following the news, the trucker’s strike ended early this week.)

We began the day with chapel, then had an Introduction to Biblical Theology course. We then divided up the men and the women into Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Introduction to Ladies’ Ministries courses. Our morning ended with an Introduction to Hermeneutics course, followed by lunch. After lunch everyone returned to the chapel for a “round table” conversation with my coworker Rubens and me. The day ended with a social event coordinated by Emily. Actually, the day ended with a game of pick-up soccer on the school soccer field. No day is complete without soccer.

We had between 30 and 35 people for the Dia do Seminário, and considering all the trouble with the trucker’s strike, we were pleased with the turnout. This is a short video of the day: