Vacation Bible School

The last few weeks have been full of excitement for us here in Belém! The first academic semester of the year came to a conclusion last week, and all our grades have been turned in.

My coworker Rubens is spending a couple weeks in the city of Santarém, where we all spent the month of January. This is giving me the opportunity to finish preaching through the book of Philippians. It has been a very edifying study, at least for the preacher.

This week we are holding our Vacation Bible School. We’ve been building up to it for quite a while now. In fact, when our friends from West Portland Baptist Church came in March, we had a kids’ day which was designed to be a build-up for our VBS. The last few weeks have been full of making decorations and studying lessons – and now it’s finally here! We will be having VBS today through Sunday morning.


Music Time:

Verse time:

Bible Lesson:


Missionary Story:


Snack Time:

Please be praying for our activities, and the God would continue drawing the kids and save those who are coming. Thanks!