New Semester, New Opportunities

Welcome to August! Well, I guess that would have been last week. We are busy underway in a new semester here at SEBREN. Classes began two weeks ago. This semester Brandon is teaching Biblical Theology IV, which is a study of the Prophets. He is also teaching Exegetical Method for the students who already completed the Hermeneutics course. Our enrollment continues to be strong.

Next week Brandon will be speaking at a ‘symposium’ on the Charismatic Gifts. Pentecostal theology has a huge influence on Brazilian culture in general, and it is very strong here in Belém. There are many within the Baptist churches who do not know what to think about speaking in tongues, and the revelatory gifts at large. So another church in our area asked the Seminary to sponsor a symposium on the Charismatic Gifts, which would offer a clear explanation of the Cessationist position (i.e., the Revelatory Gifts ceased when God’s Word was completed), as well as provide a time for interaction with folks who are presently confused or unconvinced on the matter. So next Saturday will be the symposium. Please be praying.

The following weekend Brandon will be speaking at a Men’s retreat. The retreat is being put on by the same church who is hosting the symposium, and many of the men who go on the retreat will also be at the symposium. So the men will take that opportunity to learn about the gifts that are in operation today, and how they work together to edify the Church of Christ. Please also be in prayer for this event.

In other news:

Yes, we are excited to announce that we are expecting “#2”! Please keep Emily and the baby in your prayers. Emily’s commitments with the college library, discipleship, music ministry, and mothering have not slowed down, despite the pregancy. We are expecting #2 to join us in late February of 2019.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.