It’s a …

I confess I’m not the greatest with teaser lines. I would do pretty terribly at writing click-bait titles. Good thing we are not ‘peddling the Word of God” (2 Cor. 2.17). I heard from some of you that you actually read to the end of our last update, just to see the news about the newest member of our family! Well, here’s the latest update: this morning we had an ultrasound!

Chloe and Daddy are watching the screen while the doctor performs the ultrasound. The doctor says, “Do you know the sex of the baby?” Emily says, “Not yet. That’s why we’re here today.” We all kinda laugh at that, because we’re there for more than just the sex reveal. The doctor then asks, “Would you like to know now?” “Yes,” we answer. He then identifies the belly of the baby, followed by saying, “it’s a little girl. Another little girl, eh?” Emily then asks, “It’s a little girl?” Brandon says, “It’s a little girl?! Ooh.” Chloe echoes, while Brandon says to her, “you have a sister.” This caught us quite by surprise as this pregnancy has been more difficult than the pregnancy with Chloe, which we interpreted to mean it would be a boy. But it’s not. The doctor declared with certainty that it is a healthy little girl. We heard the heartbeat and saw a lot of the details of the little girl. She seems to be in perfect health and development, for which we are thankful! No name, yet. Like I said, we were expecting a boy!

This semester had been flying by. We’re in week 8 already! We have a number of new developments in our ministries over the past few weeks. Brandon has begun an evangelistic Bible study with a young man in his 30s named Sander. Please be praying for this opportunity, and that the Lord would be opening his eyes to the truth of the Gospel. We also just began a children’s outreach last Saturday. It was an effort all year in the making, and we are excited to see it finally taking off. Emily will be working with the youngest children in this outreach. She continues to teach children’s Sunday School and run the library at the Bible college … and mother an energetic 3-year-old.

We have a couple of other requests: Brandon will be teaching an all-day module in another city the first weekend of October. It will be a training course on how to study and prepare to teach God’s Word. It’s at least four semesters of material crammed into a full day of study. Please be praying that God would use this for the health of the churches in the “upstate” region of our state. Brandon will also be speaking at the monthly pastor’s fellowship that same week. Please pray for the effectiveness of that event.

We are busy making preparations for our furlough in a couple months…actually, only a month and a half now! Please pray that this would be an encouraging time in your hearts as we see so many of you soon! We are looking forward to renewing acquaintances with many of you once again shortly. Thank you for your prayers.