Teaching and Learning

Good afternoon, and welcome to the weekend! It’s been a couple weeks since our last update, and we have wanted to let you all know how things are going.

In our last update we mentioned an all-day seminar that Brandon taught in another city. That seminar and day went very well. The studies began at 8:00 in the morning with around 20-25 in attendance, and everyone stayed until the very end at 6:00 that evening. It was a profitable day, and we pray for long-term fruit in the teaching ministry of that church and the other churches who were represented.

We also mentioned the young man, Sander, who had been doing an evangelistic Bible study with Brandon. Please continue to be praying for him. A few weeks ago he began finding reasons to cancel their studies, and also stopped coming to church. We pray that God would use the things that Sander heard to continue to convict him of his need not just for a new experience or a new perspective on life, but his need for a Savior.

This weekend we will be serving in another local church here in Belém, a church which has been without a pastor for several months. We have grown close with many people from this church, and are looking forward to our weekend of ministry with them.

We will be coming to the States for our first furlough in just 2 1/2 weeks! Our plans are falling into place, and we are looking forward to seeing many of you then. Please continue to pray for Emily and the Baby, particularly as furlough progresses and we near the due date. Because our original flights back to Brazil in January were so close to the due date, we had to change Emily and Chloe’s flights by a couple of weeks. Emily will come back to Brazil in the middle of January instead of at the end of January, as we originally planned. Please keep these details in your prayers.

Last week Brandon’s sister Abigail spent a week with us and got to experience life in the North of Brazil. It was great to have her with us, and Chloe loved playing with her “Tia Abby.”