Back to Brazil

Good morning! After a busy furlough I am glad to let you know that we are all back in Brazil and getting settled into our daily routines.

Our furlough over the past few months was very enjoyable and profitable – though we are sad we didn’t get to see you all! We were able to visit 10 of our partner churches on Sundays, and got out to 3 others on Wednesday evenings. We were able to see a few others as our paths crossed theirs. We only had one meeting cancelled because of inclement weather. We logged over 4500 miles during the three months of furlough. It was a busy time.

As many of you know, Emily came back to Brazil two weeks before Brandon because of the pregnancy. She came back to Brazil with her mother and with Chloe. Mom Milroy will be with us for a little while to help out with the baby. The baby is still waiting to join us, but we look forward to her arrival any day.

Our house is still a work in project, and will be for another month. The new roof has been slow getting on, but once it is on the interior work can begin without delays.

Classes will begin in about three weeks. Both Rubens and Brandon have a lot of work to do in preparation for the beginning of the semester, but we have already received the applications of some new students, so we are looking forward to who the Lord brings our way.

We thank you all for your prayers, and as soon as we have news concerning the baby, we will let you all know! In the meanwhile, stay warm!