And she turns 1…

One month old, that is. That’s right, our newest family member, Grace (“Gracie”) is now a month old! The time has flown so fast! Emily’s mom stayed with us until the first week of March, and was such a help with Chloe and Gracie! Mom worked particularly with Chloe’s learning skills, and she has shown great improvement in her numbers, colors, and shapes! Gracie…well, Gracie’s improvement has mainly been in the area of eating. She loves her bottle! We have discovered that she is a comfort-food kinda girl. Anytime stressful situations present themselves…diaper changes, baths, waking up – you know, the really difficult things! – Gracie needs her comfort food.

Meanwhile, our house is showing definite improvement. When I arrived back in Brazil, the new roofing had not yet been put in place, which means very little had been done in our absence. However, we now have not only the new roof, but also new ceiling put in, a couple new doors, and new electricity has been run. Presently we are waiting for power outlets and light switches (and the installation of light fixtures), and today the painters arrived to begin preparing the house for a painting – inside and out.

I shot the following video about a month ago, right before they put in the wood slats that you see in the above picture. It’ll give you an idea of how construction projects work here:

We are reaching the end of the rainy season here in the rain forest. And this year has been significantly rainier than the previous two that we have experienced. In Western New York we like to talk about the snowfall, and how really, unless you live in the Southern Tier of New York State you have never truly seen a snowfall. Well, I shot a video recently of a rainfall. We’ve all seen rain. We’ve also all seen waterfalls. Here on the Amazon, we don’t make too much of a distinction between the two (joking):

Imagine rain like that just about every day for five months. It gets a little soggy around here.

Our academic semester is well underway. I’m presently teaching a course on hermeneutics, a course on the Gospels, and a course on Systematic Theology (the doctrines of man and sin) for our 4-year students. I’m also teaching a course on the Panorama of the Old Testament for our 2-year certificate students.

At our church we continue to see good progress. We’ve had a young man attending recently, coming out of a charismatic background. He seems to be a very sincere and earnest young man, and we are looking forward to seeing growth in his life.

The last few weeks my co-worker has taken a bit of a break from teaching to get some rest (he was shouldering all the responsibilities while we were on furlough), and so I began preaching through the book of Exodus. It’s been a neat challenge for me, as I have not done much preaching in Old Testament narratives. I’ve been thankful for the opportunity.

Please continue to pray for these various aspects of our ministry. We continue to thank the Lord for you all.