On The Road Again

We have some exciting news from the past few days to share with you all! First of all, last Monday we moved back into “the big house”! After 7 months of renovations, it was finally (almost) ready, and we were able to move back in. So the last week or so has been full of unpacking boxes and getting settled back in. We don’t have internet yet, but hopefully soon that will be back working as well.

Many of you know that our coworker, Rubens, was in need of a new car. In fact, many of you contributed during our last furlough to help us provide him with a suitable vehicle. He is a missionary like we are, supported by Brazilian churches. He will be going on furlough later on this year, and needed a reliable vehicle to travel the country with. Well, because of the contributions we received because of many of our partner churches, we were able to get Rubens a car. He had been keeping his eye open for good deals on used or pre-owned cars with low mileage. He and I had actually taken a couple trips out to look at cars over the past few weeks. Then last Monday he found one that seemed to be a good deal. We were able to take a look at it on Thursday, and it was love at first sight. 🙂 It was a 2013-model year car, but with quite low mileage on it. And it was being sold for about 20% less than what we were expecting. It was a one-owner car, and it was an older gentleman who had owned it for local business travel. We spent a few days working out the details of the purchase, and today Rubens picked up his “new” car. We are very happy for him, and thankful to you all for your part in helping us fill this need. Rubens is also very thankful for you all.

This last Sunday we were able to go and visit a couple of churches in the “interior” (upstate) of our state. We traveled to the city of Igarapé-Açú and visited two churches, teaching Sunday School in the morning at one church, and preaching in the evening at the other church. It was a blessing to be able to go and see the ministry in this small interior city, and to hear how the ministry of reconciliation is taking hold there.

Well, today was a day for mourning for my students, as they were taking mid-term exams. And I need to go distribute a few more mid-terms. So, have a great evening. Thank you as always for your partnership and prayers!