Plan Changes

Dear friends and family,

Well, plans can certainly change quickly. Late yesterday afternoon we received an email from the American Consulate in Brazil notifying us that the Brazilian government is now requiring doctor-certified COVID tests (negative, of course), before people are permitted back in the country. We were unable to fulfill this requirement in the few hours before our departure this morning, and therefore had to reschedule our flight. However, because of airline changes over the past few months, we were unable to get new flights before the middle of August. I finally got off the phone with the airline last night around 10:30, having rescheduled our flights for August 13.

We praise the Lord that this rescheduling did not cost us anything financially. We do not know what the Lord has planned for us for the next month, but we know that this whole situation is entirely in His control. We don’t know where His Providence is directing us, but these circumstances are clearly being directed by His Providence. Please be in prayer for us over the next month as we have a lot to do by long-distance. Thank you so much for your prayers.