Back Home

Well, we’ve made it.

About 7 weeks ago we headed back to Brazil to wrap up our ministry there. Here in New York it was still Summer. We are now back in New York, where Autumn has most definitely arrived. And what a 7 weeks it was.

Our time in Brazil was very busy, as you can imagine. We spent the first few days going through our possessions and sorting out what we would try to bring back with us to America, and what we would try to sell. We finished the sorting with about 10 suitcases of things which we would try to bring back. Then each weekend for the first three weekends we had a “garage sale,” selling what we would not bring back with us.

The last four weekends were busy with various celebrations and good-byes. Though Chloe’s birthday is not until November, we wanted to have a party for her and her friends. Emily put a lot of work into a zoo-themed birthday party, and it went very well. We also had a birthday party for one of Rubens’ daughters, and a bridal shower for another daughter. Our final weekend, last weekend, was a time of saying “good-bye.” We spent a lot of time at church and at Rubens’ house (when we weren’t packing our suitcases or cleaning the apartment).

Our flights back to America on Monday and Tuesday went almost as smoothly as they could have. We had a little bit of an adventure in Miami, but all-in-all it was pretty smooth. It was quite a shock to get out of the airport in Rochester and feel the cool Fall air! One of the deacons from our church met us at the airport with a large van, and we got all the suitcases piled in and off to our home.

Please continue to be praying for us in this time of transition. We’re staying (relatively) isolated (keeping those South America germs away from everyone!), and working on getting settled into our new life. We still don’t have a house, though we are staying in a very comfortable apartment for now. Please also be praying for Emily and the pregnancy. “#3” will be joining us soon.

We thank you all for your care, and your prayers for us as we travelled.